Hailing from the culturally diverse and vibrant city of Denver, Colorado, Big Haas is a rap artist and songwriter who has forged his unique path in the music industry. With a captivating style that seamlessly blends the essence of Midwestern hip-hop with the grit and authenticity of Denver’s underground scene, Big Haas has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Music has been an integral part of Big Haas’ soul since the tender age of five. Influenced by rap legends such as Brother Lynch, Goodie Mob, Do or Die, and Three 6 Mafia, he developed a deep appreciation for the raw and introspective nature of the genre. 

With a burning desire to be heard, Big Haas embarked on a journey to make his mark, armed with the power of his words and the strength of his convictions. However, Big Haas’ journey to musical stardom was far from conventional. Growing up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, he was raised in a challenging environment, where his family lived in a cramped, one-room shack. With his mother involved in the drug trade and his two brothers incarcerated, Big Haas faced numerous obstacles and temptations. Click here to read his full bio.

During his formative years, Big Haas found himself entangled in a life of crime, frequently succumbing to the allure of breaking into homes. But at the age of 18, he made a life altering decision to turn his back on the streets and pursue a different path. Determined to break the cycle, he secured employment and worked tirelessly to expunge his criminal record, leaving his troubled past behind.

The birth of his daughter, Emily, brought newfound purpose and motivation into Big Haas’ life. Seeking to provide a stable environment for his child, he embarked on a door-to-door sales career, honing his interpersonal skills and developing an unwavering work ethic. Simultaneously, he discovered a hidden talent for selling antiques, and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to stumble upon a rare blueprint of the World Trade Center, which he sold for a substantial sum of $25,000.

Investing the proceeds into his burgeoning antique business, Big Haas found himself liberated from the shackles of the ghetto. As his antique business flourished, his determination to be heard as a rapper remained steadfast. Inspired by the life-altering experiences that shaped him, he channeled his struggles, triumphs, and aspirations into his music, creating a powerful and authentic expression of self.

While searching for a music company he could trust, Big Haas stumbled upon CSP Music Group—an esteemed publicity and marketing company known for their expertise in propelling emerging artists to new heights. Recognizing the importance of aligning himself with professionals who shared his passion and drive, he was drawn to CSP Music Group’s stellar reputation and their ability to create strategic marketing campaigns. This collaboration would be instrumental in catapulting his music to a wider audience.

With his unique blend of the Midwest hip-hop sound and the Denver Style, Big Haas’ music possesses a captivating energy that resonates with listeners. His style, infused with heartfelt lyricism and infectious melodies, would complement the works of esteemed artists such as Travis Scott, Ty Dolla Sign, and Lil Baby. The potential for thrilling collaborations and the opportunity to expand his fanbase further fueled his ambition.

Guided by the expertise of CSP Music Group, Big Haas is poised to reach new height.


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